Wednesday, July 24, 2013

But I'm Not that Old Yet

I graduated from a tiny little private Christian school in Southern Oregon. My graduating class was even smaller than the average in our high school by at least half. Yes, you counted right... ten of us (aren't we cute?).
I read recently that 20 to 30 percent attendance at a high school reunion is average, and anything above that 30 percent is considered a great success. So I guess I should be pretty proud of the 40 percent of my class that showed up for our 20th reunion.

Here we are with our families (and Bailey!), not feeling a day over 28, and yet somehow we are... how did that happen?
We made a promise to each other to not let another 10 years go by before we meet again. I honestly think we'll keep that promise.


linda said...

Such a nice milestone to share together!

Beth Pool said...

Yes we will! It was so fun seeing everyone! If we all ever end up in the same room together again, we should recreate our graduation picture.

Thanks for having us all over. You've showed me that I'm a smore novice - double decker dark chocolate with double marshmallow - genius!!! :)