Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just Now

Its been a cool, overcast morning. Quiet out, with just the birdsong and distant sound of the creek. Meandering from house to kennel (for the morning feeding frenzy), I saw some lovely things.

Potato blossoms and chicken feathers and lichen sprouting on a fencepost, baby grapes and tomato starts and rhubarb leaves turned crimson, berries of all shape and shade, and Lavender graced by a fuzzy winged suitor.

I haven't slowed to take note of these blessings for days on end. Is it any wonder the poet in my mind has been a bit sleepy lately?


linda said...

What a joy to see! Thank you

leftystitcher said...

Beth: You have such an eye for God's beauty! Absolutely beautiful.

Marie said...

awesome photos!