Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The End is Near

Its been another seven weeks that has felt like both an eternity and a blink of the eye. So much of our time and energy goes into getting these furry babies to their launching point. The day they get to go to their forever family is a big day for them and they don't even know it.
Squirmy little adorable hooligans, weeks four through seven of their lives are all about learning to eat and play with each other without the guidance of their Mama, and starting to learn what "No!" and "Good Dog!" mean.
And those weeks are also about learning to shift their trust toward the two-legged mammals that stand so tall above them.
They won't be this little and cute for long, but each one is guaranteed to become a faithful companion.
A faithful companion with insatiable curiosity and a never-ending well of enthusiasm for play.
Pearl went to her home this morning. Nora and Scout and Cooper and Pirate and the sweet female that doesn't have a name yet will all be gone by Sunday.
But we aren't sad. Rather, we're excited for the lives they get to go lead without our constant supervision. It will be the first taste of real Summer freedom for us this year. There is lots of talk around here of taking entire days to go visit Grandma, a zoo trip with cousins, a stay at the beach, a mountain camping trip, and so much more.
So here's to Endings that are also Beginnings...


linda said...

What a wonderful positive attitude and good life lesson for our children. Such precious pictures of the little ones.

P.J. said...

Happy homes to all!!! They are precious. Nothing like the unconditional love and companionship of a cat or dog. :)
Very sweet post.

mimma said...

So wonderful Beth and a true deep emotion. Thank you so much for sharing.

Chrie said...

What precious pups! Such touching
pictures for me as my 13-year old yellow lab sleeps at my feet..

Pam in IL said...

The pups are adorable and the kids are beautiful! Sure looks like fun around your place!!!

Mouse said...

awwwww they are perfect and you do a wonderful job with both the furbabies and the wee ones ... hope he is feeling much better after his surgery :) love mouse xxxxx

Marie said...

LOVE the pic of Jack and puppy!