Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I've been knocked out of my blogging mojo by the new school year and its schedule. I'm typically a morning writer, but I've made the decision to spend four mornings a week at the school helping my kids' teachers. The Kindergartener is only there from 9-11:40, which also happens to be the start of the Second Grader's lunch. So I stay and help teachers, then we eat lunch together, then I take the Girl home for a few hours while we wait until the final bell ring. I'm very happy with this arrangement, but have felt a little guilty for leaving you wondering when I will ever start leaving notes for you again.
Your favorite news will be that although my blogging has been scarce, my stitching and designing is still operating at the same pace. I'm nearing the end of a trio of samplers that will be offered in a booklet together. I love it when a project is nearing an end. Other than finalizing the designs, perhaps my favorite part is choosing which will be my next model.
As I find myself within a day or two of finishing, it is such a delightful reward to make the final decisions on threads and linen, pulling them and readying them so that I can put in the last stitch, then move immediately to the first stitch on my next baby. You can relate, can't you? That feeling of having a brand new something just waiting to be started. Somehow it motivates me to stitch even more quickly than before, my needle practically begging me to start weaving its way through a new piece of linen.


Melissa said...

Beth, it's great that you are able to spend time with your kids when they are little and you've worked out your own schedule for the school year.

I like what I see with your stitching the the floss colours. Looking forward to seeing your new book release!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your booklet release ... enjoy those babies - they grow up TOOOOO fast!


Pam in IL said...

The snippets of what you're working on look great! Can't wait to see the booklet.

Enjoy the time at school helping the teachers and lunch with the kids.

Maybe you can write your posts and schedule when they post so posting works within your new routine.

linda said...

You will be so glad you are choosing to spend this time with your children! It is a choice you are fortunate enough to make and your family is a priority. The time flies by before you know it. Will look forward to your booklet, love the colors in your sneak peeks.

From the Heart Needleart said...

I love to hurry and get started on my next project! That is one of the fun things about designing. My youngest just moved away to college, so right now my distraction is an empty house, that and little grand kids.

P.J. said...

Life is meant to be lived; how fortunate you are to be involved with the kids and their school. We will be here when you have a moment or two...they grow up fast. :) loving the sneak peak shots so far.

Angie said...

Absolutely spend time with your kids, and teachers can always use a helping hand. I did it throughout our daughters school years and it has been most rewarding.