Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I don't know how it happens, this swift passing of time.

One day he's small and snuggled in my arms, and the next, he's grown so big he can knock me down with his exuberant hugging if I don't brace my feet in a hurry. Still sweet as honey and growing more clever by the second, my baby boy, the one that scared us with his early, so-tiny entrance into the world, is officially eight years old today.
My sweet Boy, I love you to all the Super Mario Galaxies and back.
Happy You Day!


Penny said...

Happy Birthday to your 8-year-old!! I remember so well your posts about him beginning kindergarten....
A very exciting time of year for your family... enjoy it all!

Robin said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy! Hope his 8th birthday is a special one.

Robin in Virginia

Diane Bems said...

Is that pies instead of cake?

Sarah Beth said...

Happy birthday to your son. Every time I read posts of yours I think to myself those kids are well loved. Guess it always touches my heart because I didn't have that in my childhood. I can see you truly see your kids as blessings. Give yourself a pat on the back

Pam in IL said...

Happiest Birthday Wishes to the Birthday Boy! Handsome guy you have there!

It will seem like just a moment and you'll be watching him graduate from high school!