Friday, April 18, 2014


It has been a long, busy week. Lots of special moments captured, but no time taken to write here. It has all been -good- busy. Volunteering at school (I do this four afternoons a week now), housework and errands, music practice, church fellowship group (taco night every Wednesday!), yardwork, business planning, those two kids of mine both getting a Student of the Month award on the same day.

Oh, and doing taxes, there was that too.

And a certain Farmboy had a birthday yesterday which we celebrated with Cod and Roasted Broccoli and a "Party Rainbow Chip" cake, because no one in town had is favorite "Cherry Chip".

Life is full of blessings, and for that I am daily grateful.
Eyelets :: Flowering Currant :: Feathery :: Leafing Out :: Princess Play :: Mr. Robin Redbreast :: Breakfast Out :: Homegrown Asparagus :: First Firepit :: Playdate with Chocolate and Sprinkles :: Belgian Waffle with Strawberries, Ricotta, and Honey :: Doing Taxes :: All Boy :: My Sewing Basket :: Budding Lilac :: Alfresco :: Flowering Cherry :: Cuddling Furballs :: Lady's Mantle :: Mr. Rofous :: Kerria Japonica :: Flowering Plum Bush :: Self-Portrait with Rubber Boots, Tilled Garden, and Magnolia


Penny said...

Lovely photos!

Penny said...
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Pam in IL said...

Wonderful photos! You have such a precious family. I especially love the photos of the kids -- treasure those moments!