Friday, April 25, 2014


Not much new around here these days. The season continues to swell with flowers and downpours. But the sun always manages to make an appearance or two each day, and I have to keep the woodstove at a low simmer or we get cooked out of the house.

We are all counting down school days until Summer vacation starts - 31 including today (can I hear a loud Hallelujah from the crowd!). I'm working extra hard with the kids I tutor at the school on sight words and counting money and working pages of subtraction... we're trying so very hard to get up to level before they move on to the next grade. But even if they don't quite make it this year, I know I'll get to jump back in and continue the journey next year.

Our Easter weekend celebrations were meaningful and happy, adding memories to our family album that will be cherished.

I now have at least 5 individual hummingbirds that visit my kitchen window feeder; I'm thinking of giving them names.

And that's about it. What's going on in your world?

Rainy Window :: Chocolate Buttercream :: Romeos :: Hidden :: Braided :: Flowering Currant and Kerria Japonica :: Orchard View :: Tire Swing :: Unmade Wishes :: Cream Cloud :: Laundry Day :: Water Pump :: The Old Birdbath :: Flowering Cherry :: Mrs. Rufous :: Drippy :: Easter Finery


Pam in IL said...

Spring is so pretty in your part of the country. We're just starting to have spring weather and the flowers are just poking out of the ground. We have to keep our woodstove above a simmer as our temps are still chilly.

gracie said...

wonderful pictures

Melissa said...

I always sooo enjoy reading your blog and gawking at your wonderful pictures!

Thanks for sharing :)

linda said...

i absolutely love your photography! Your "artist's eye" and sense of design comes through in each and every one. Choice of subject, soft focus, distance, light play, it is all so beautifully considered and done.
Your photo of laundry through the window frame and rain drops reminds me of a quilt.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

What beautiful pics! Your kiddos are darling!

P.J. said...

Love your camera angles!! The clothes line and clothes through the window are awesome...brings up memories!
Happy spring!

SewAmy said...

I always enjoy your photos. Love your hummingbird feeder.