Thursday, January 01, 2015

And Now...

A shiny new year stands before us,
full of what-ifs and maybes, hellos and open doors.

The old year may have been exquisitely beautiful.
It may have been painful or frustrating or full of failure.

Today is a fresh chance to leave the bad in the past,
stepping into a new promise.

A promise to forgive ourselves for what we didn't accomplish,
to forget what was done to us, to move beyond our doubts,
to invite freedom and grace and gratitude to walk beside us each day.

To carry the beauty, and allow the pain to forge and refine.

Its a brand new horizon.

Go forward, and with me, embrace grace.


Patti said...

<3 !

Joanie said...

Simply beautiful.

Happy New Year 2015!

linda said...

Beautifully stated! Such talent you have been given in so many areas. You are an inspiration.

Peg Coleman said...

Thank you for such a beautiful sentiment. This year I'll be stitching "His eye is on the sparrow" a favorite song of mine and I loved this sampler the moment I saw it. Thank you for the thought, time and care that went into creating this.