Monday, January 19, 2015


Short dark days, rain-stained windows, one final delayed Christmas celebration, another exciting birthday, a lost tooth, an ambulance ride (I can cross that one off of my bucket list!), lots of warming by the woodstove but still no real snow, school days and homework and music practice; this has been our January.

I still have Christmas garland with twinkle lights up on my piano and mantle, and two trees out in the Christmas tree patch are still lit up every night, just because. The days are getting longer, but it still feels nice to have a little extra twinkle added to our dull January days.

I've been doing a lot of plotting and scheming in my head, thinking about this coming year and what it might hold for my stitching business. All will be clear in time, but for now, the details have been getting in the way of my creative muse, and I find myself glad that I usually design in spurts, so I have plenty to fall back on when I'm not feeling the inspiration so strongly.

I hope all is well with you and yours. Do stop by and say hello, either here or on my facebook page. I might be quieter than usual lately, but I'm still here, and love it when I get notes from you.
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Penny Shepherd said...

Wishing you a blessed and joy filled 2015. Creative muse I think by nature occurs in spurts. I look forward to see what you have for us in the upcoming year!

labfarm22 said...

Lovely post. I collect oil lamps too. Is that a new sampler in the works I spotted?

Catherine said...

Always fun taking your picture walks!

Robin said...

Your picture posts always make me smile, Beth. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Robin in Virginia

Mary said...

You've been busy so far this year!
Don't like the blurb about the ambulance ride, hope all is fine now. Living in south Florida, I love seeing the pictures you post. It's like a whole other world to me.
Love your blog and your cross stitch patterns.

linda said...

I so enjoy your photography. You capture so many feelings in each shot. Your creativity blooms in many areas. If not on linen at this moment, definitely in your photos. Thank you for sharing your life.

Pam in IL said...