Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Third Grade Field Trip to the Zoo

The weather was grey and gloomy, but we Oregonians are very adept at rolling with it. Knowing it would be mostly rainy, we made a special stop the day before for umbrellas. It would seem that we don't own any. We usually just put up the hoods and deal with the drizzle. But being out in it all day long felt like reason enough for a little extra layer of protection.

We also bought sunglasses. Because the sun is about to make her brief annual appearance for a month or two and our eyes just aren't accustomed to that much light.

There were so many parent chaperones that I got to drive a car full of adults who couldn't fit (didn't want to fit) on the school buses for the hour's drive to The Oregon Zoo. Which means we got to stop and get a large dose of liquid patience for the day. The large amount of chaperones also meant that I only had to look out for three kiddos, all boys, including my favorite, of course.

It may possibly have been my favorite trip to the zoo ever, wet socks included.

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