Thursday, May 28, 2015

First Grade Field Trip to the City

The nice thing about having a large city just an hour's drive away is that it isn't too far for field tripping. The first grade class got to go to the Newmark Theatre to see Ramona Quimby. Because I was chaperoning and because the third grade class was on a swimming field trip during the same time slot, I let her big brother choose which trip to go on (with permission from the school). He chose wisely (the arts should always win over sports in my opinion), so I got both kiddos with me for the day.

The play was a bit long for the first graders, and I missed a portion of it while I went to put more money in the parking meter, but the third grader in our midst loved it, and the first graders felt so special getting to sit on the first balcony at a real performance.

The cast were very talented and I was impressed at their ability to project their voices over the constant murmur of a theatre full of school kids from all over the metro area.

But my favorite part? The retro costumes straight out of my childhood, of course (of which I have no photos out of respect for the wishes of the theatre operators).

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