Monday, August 31, 2015

Finishing Well

The summer of 2014 passed by so quickly with very little to show for it, so this year I was determined to enjoy every last second and make the most of our time of no-school. As the end of the long vacation rolled nearer, the kids and I grabbed hold and did so many things that we enjoy doing together.

There were stops at Jamba Juice and strolls through the orchard, read-alouds on the picnic blanket and trips to Kohl's to try on funny clothes, the meal prep was as simple and fresh as possible and the playdates with friends added some variety, there was a little bit of bike riding and a whole lot of concerts in the park, and most of all we had fun. The summer came to an end and I had no regrets, no surprise that the time was gone and we hadn't had time to take it all in. We didn't go camping or make any trips to the beach. We didn't get away for a vacation anywhere exciting. But we savored our time and the simple pleasures of life.

The only thing that could have possibly made it better would have been to share every second with the Farmboy instead of sending him off to the office every day.

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