Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Trip: Sun River

We are extreme homebodies, so its pretty rare that we leave home overnight. But we made an exception for the Farmboy's family. His Mom, Sister and family, and Cousin and family all headed over to Sun River on the East side of the Cascade Mountain Range in Oregon to stay in a house together.

There wasn't much in the way of sleeping that happened, but the hours were packed with so much fun we didn't have a chance to feel tired. Group walks, biking, fun at the pool, cousin Minecraft sessions, live music, laughing into the night, ice cream cones at Goody's, and an epic canoe and kayak adventure down the Rogue River.

At the end of the weekend we all wanted to hit the automatic repeat button. But alas, the Summer was winding down, the school year approaching, and we had to settle for a promise to repeat as best as possible next year.
Due to a wildfire blazing across the highway on our normal route, our trip across was nearly doubled in time and distance. By our return trip, the firefighters had worked enough magic that we were able to travel home through the blackened acres of what resembled another planet, complete with hazy, smoky air and a glowing red sun.

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linda said...

Beth, your photos are pure magic to me. You capture so much emotion in the simplest shot! Thank you for sharing your talent and artistry.