Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Into November

I've been downright poetic about the month of November in the past. But this year, the whirlwind of life has swept any poetry from my tired brain. Life is full and happy and I savor moments out of every day. I try to not rush about too much, but find myself collapsing in bed at the end of each day, thinking to myself, "Perhaps tomorrow I'll have time to blog..."

And then I don't... again.

But there are always a billion pictures to share, so at least that's something.
Thankful for November and Turkeys :: Some Days are Better than Others :: After They Log :: Perch :: Almost Big Enough to Sit on :: Stop Growing!!! :: She didn't do a Carrie Ingalls, but I kindof Wanted Her to :: Thick :: Glow :: Of Course Rubber Boots go with Sunday Dresses :: Incoming :: Frosted :: A Pumpkin's Eye View :: Gather :: Ghost of Leaves Past

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