Thursday, November 26, 2015


It wasn't a big one this year (I passed THAT milestone last year) so there wasn't a big shindig for my birthday but I got to spend several hours with my two sisters, no kids, just us talking and laughing and trying to decide which restaurant/coffee shop to go sit in next. It was really wonderful. For the last three years they lived in California and Hawaii. Now they live a little closer, one in Montana, the other about an hour's drive away. There have been lots of miles and lots of babies in between us for too long. I had thought that it would just be two of us, but the Montana sister was able to drive in for Thanksgiving thanks to clear conditions on the passes.

Thank you Thanksgiving, for falling near my birthday every year.

There was a quick visit with a friend and another with my parents and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from the Farmboy and big squeezy hugs from the kids and a few other favorite things came my way (thanks, Adele, for releasing your new album just in time!).

And then today, on the drive to my Uncle's house for Thanksgiving, my faithful four-wheeled friend passed her own milestone. We're growing "old" gracefully together.

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