Tuesday, March 22, 2016

DMC Conversions and Tutorials

I have added some new tabs to my blog. Both can be found just above the most current post, right under the blog header image.

The DMC Conversions tab contains a list of conversions for designs that don't include the conversion on their chart cover. If you don't see one that you need listed, please contact me, and I will get it added. A few of you have asked for a conversion for my recent release, Feniscowles Hall. That conversion is included on the new page now.

The Tutorials tab contains a list of links to all of the pdf tutorials that I have ever made available with purchase of pattern. They are almost all design- specific, but feel free to apply the techniques I use to any design that you are so inclined.


Lizzy Pizzy said...

Thanks Beth, this is a great idea...

Judy said...

I am also a visual learner, Beth, and I can't thank you enough for the tutorials. I have a Stacy Nash design that I feel I can finish now. You're the best.