Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Song

Every Spring, as the birds start to return, I hear a certain song that I hadn't been able to identify until this year. The singer has been rather elusive and hard to spot, but recently, I heard it singing so enthusiastically from the side of the yard, that I grabbed my camera and snuck around the corner to try to capture a picture. It was so focused on its song that it didn't seem to be bothered at all as I got closer and closer.

Still, this is all that I was able to capture:
You can just barely see it there, just to the right of center. But if you zoom in on the picture as close as it will allow:
At last! With a body shape, markings, and song, I can go to the internet and figure it out. I now know that this particular favorite is a Song Sparrow.

Someone else posted this clip on youtube. I'm sharing it so you can see just how they put their heart and soul into their music. Someone ought to cut a record deal for this fella:

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