Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What Not to Do

Here's what I've learned about myself this Summer: I am not invincible.

I should have already known this, having endured 3 years of recovery after my big Adrenal Crash at the end of 2012.

But, it would seem that I don't learn lessons easily when it comes to knowing what I am capable of. After just a year of good health, I apparently took on too much too fast somewhere between the middle of June and the beginning of July. This resulted in a herniated disc in my lower back which triggered piriformis syndrome which led to sciatica in my right leg, partial numbness from my calf to my toes, loss of reflex in one foot, aches and pains in places I forgot existed, and so much lost sleep.

My MD prescribed Vicodin to help with the pain while waiting for the MRI. I've never taken this kind medication before, even during childbirth, having a rather high tolerance to pain and decided aversion to any kind of drugs. Well, Vicodin hates me. The first night, I took the minimum dosage, which didn't help in the slightest, so I decided to up the amount the next night, which also didn't help with the pain or lack of sleep, but did cause passing out while standing. Oh, and vomiting and feeling like I'd been electrocuted. That too. When I looked up all the symptoms I was experiencing later that morning, WebMD told me that I was experiencing a drug overdose. So no more Vicodin. Ever again.

And really; don't ever look things up on WebMD. That place is scary.

But the great thing about that horrible morning is that my symptoms scared the Farmboy into staying home and keeping a close eye on me all day, so when the hospital called to say that they had an opening for the MRI that I thought I would have to wait two weeks for, he was able to get me there, even if that meant pulling over for me to throw up some more by the side of the road (sorry kids, didn't mean to traumatize you, but seeing the looks on your faces really was quite funny. Payback is beautiful sometimes).

As I type this, it's a few months later (September to be exact), even if I'm posting it back around the time of actual injury. I'm much, much better, having undergone first the diagnosing MRI, then several rounds of gentle chiropractic and acupuncture to take care of the piriformis and sciatica. I am now down to just the herniated disc, which will take time, time, and more time to heal. I can walk without limping, and almost as fast as my usual (I'm one of those fast walkers, no point in wasting time if I know where I'm going). Thanks to Gabapenten and Diphenhydramine, I'm sleeping through the night again, and can sit for short periods of time without my back hurting.

Oh, how painful it is to be reminded that I'm not 20 anymore.

One of the kids commented this morning, "Mama, I wish we could go back and do the Summer all over again, but this time without your back being hurt." Oh, me too, my darling, me too.

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gracie said...

Please do not do a repeat of summer! Hopefully you are on the way to feeling much better. Remember not to overdo!!!!