Monday, July 11, 2016

Sun River 2016

After the overwhelming success of our Baker's Dozen trip to Sun River last summer, plans were almost immediately hatched to repeat the adventure. Three families of 4, plus 1 Grandma, with bikes in tow, took over 1 happy house.

Sleep is a rare commodity for me under normal circumstances, so I confess that I was most likely the one reluctant holdout. However, the weekend was good fun from start to finish. Pool time, riding bikes, taking walks, spending quiet hours in the house with books and games, amazing food, frequent deer sightings, live music by the lodge, ice cream cones in the village square, and another epic float down the river.

I hope these trips continue every year, creating lasting impressions for the kids as they grow up. The cousin bonding time is good for all of us, even if the lone boy of the group grumbles under his breath just 5 minutes after arrival that "they are already talking about high heels and lipstick".

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