Sunday, October 23, 2016

Anniversary Tree 2016

If you've been hanging out here on my blog for more than a year, you know that we have a special tree in our front yard. Purchased with wedding money and planted on the first anniversary of our first date, I decided way back then that we should have a picture done every year to commemorate both the growth of the tree and the (hopeful at the time) growth of our family.

This year, the vertical growth in our family is quite apparent. I think that either I'm standing in a hole or my ten year old is way too tall for his age. Most likely the latter. I predict that he will match my height by the time he's 12 and that he'll eventually outgrow his 6'3" Daddy. And the little girl is no slouch either; I just might end up being the short one by the time she's done.

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