Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Rest of November

November flew by in a torrent of school days, work, home, church, friends, falling leaves, and weather turning from warm to downright chilly.

I hand-lettered a bulletin board for the school; something I've never done before. I used a chalk pen on black paper to make it look like a chalkboard. The goal was to depict the school's mission in a way that would make people stop and read it. I found the project both difficult and rewarding, and now I'm known as the "creative artistic Mom", and I'm afraid I'm never going to convince them that I was faking it the whole time. You'll see a portion of the finished board shown below as you scroll through my month.

I made the kids wait in the car while I pulled over on the side of the road to take pictures of the scenery that I drive past every day. I also made one of them pose with a giant emoji in front of his face.

It rained a lot. I stitched even more. I turned another year older and celebrated Thanksgiving twice. I cleaned the house repeatedly and did mountains of laundry only to find more dirty clothes in need of washing. You all know very well how it goes.

November was beautiful and messy and full of moments that I hope to never forget. Yet another series of days in the story of my life.


Angie said...

Beth, I always love your photos! Are you stitching a black capped chickadee? My favorite bird! Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday season with family and friends.

Angie said...

I forgot to say - you are the creative artistic mom!!!

Lisa said...

Love your photos!