Sunday, December 11, 2016

Back to Basics/Trimming the Tree

It's hard to pinpoint the moment a subliminal decision such as this is made, but the moment it is put into effect can be hard to forget.
We adopted this huge braided rug several years ago. Was it before Baby Boy was born? Could be. I can't remember for sure, but I do remember trains and toy cars driving round and round on the braid "roads". I remember when Baby Girl started scooting around on her belly on the wood floors that this rug would stop her in her tracks and she would gaze longingly at her big brother as he played with alphabet toys that she couldn't quite get to. I remember countless band sessions in that living room, with my musical friends circled round in perfect alignment with the circles on the rug (well, more oblong, but you get the point).

This rug lived in my In-Law's house for years before it came to us, and had weathered any number of feets. We don't know who had it before them, but it was rumored to have been hand-made by the Mother of it's former owner.

As the time drew near to rearrange and decorate for Christmas, the Farmboy and I had a few conversations about that rug and I confessed a growing desire for it to be evicted. I never loved the color scheme or picking out bits of glitter and splinters of wood that stubbornly refused to be vacuumed; I had been feeling a strong desire for something more simple and easy on the eye. I was surprised at how quickly he agreed. So when the day for trimming the tree arrived, we moved the furniture out, vacuumed the rug front and back, and I put it up on Facebook, offering it to my friends (and not expecting any takers). I'm happy to say that it has gone to another friendly home where it will hopefully host many more happy memories.
And now that it is gone... no regrets. How those lovely Douglas Fir floorboards glow! In their former life they were beams in a fishnet factory on the Oregon Coast. I like to think that this is their favorite season of life. Now that they are once again exposed, my house seems somehow warmer, bigger.
As for the tree trimming, not many pictures were taken, but it was accomplished with bare toes on smooth boards warmed by the fire.
The kids got their own live tree for the first time this year, set up on the upstairs landing. A place for colored lights (not allowed on the downstairs tree) and as many cartoon characters as they desire (also strictly NOT allowed in my living room).

And all was merry and bright.

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