Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Snow for Days

Hands down, this has been the whitest Winter we've experienced in nearly a decade. We're used to getting substantial snowfalls each winter, but they typically only last a matter of days. Not this year. It has been one snow storm on top of another, leaving our roads packed and rutted and difficult to navigate for anyone that doesn't have 4 wheel drive and some gumption.

The overlapping snowstorms have even satisfied the most enthusiastic snow fans in our number (close tie between me and the girl child). For the first time in years, I think I'll be ready for Spring when it comes. But only if I get at least one more good snowstorm first (insert wink-eyed emoji here).

The local school districts were closed for nearly two additional weeks after Winter Break because of the horrible road conditions (don't laugh at us, you people from the Midwest! We just don't have the infrastructure here to maintain the roads when it snows this much. Add in lots of curves and hills and it gets dangerous very fast.) The Farmboy and I both have 4 wheel drive and have no trouble getting in and out when needed, but I try to stay home when it's bad out there because I don't trust the other drivers!

The great thing about being enrolled in a public/homeschool hybrid is that we didn't miss one single day of school, which means we won't have to make any up come June. Plus, sledding makes for a great PE activity!

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