Thursday, June 22, 2017

Releasing Butterflies

For a few years now, my kids have been wanting to raise and release butterflies. I kept forgetting to do it at the right time of year, but at last, I had the presence of mind to order this kit from my BFF, Amazon.

The directions are very clear, and 9 out of the 10 larvae that we received made it all the way through the life cycle process to release. If you have any little people in your life, this is a great learning tool that is also super fun. The Boy child wasn't into it quite as much as the Girl and I, but he still showed interest in the process, especially during the chrysalis phase.

We enjoyed watching the butterflies and feeding them for a few days inside their mesh cage before letting them fly free. The best part was having them land on and walk on our skin. I can't think of many things in life that could be more delightful than a butterfly's feet tickling my skin.

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