Monday, August 21, 2017


I remember the day I outgrew my Grandma.

It really wasn't that hard to do, she was barely 4'11".

But it was what we all aspired to do when we were littles. The very first adult to be shorter than us, and she was such a great sport about it all; standing there with a patient smile on her face as we stood back to back, hoping with all of our might that it was THE YEAR that we were taller.

This kid would have outgrown her by the time he was 9 1/2.

He's been outgrowing adults for a few years now, so it wasn't such a big deal to outgrow his first Grandma. But I'm still re-living my childhood on a regular basis, so I had to get a photo of this day:

At 64 1/2 inches tall and not yet 12 years old, I struggle to conceive of just how tall he might become. I would be pretty comfortable betting on 6'5". He has less than five inches until he's as tall as me and we have to swap arm placement when we hug. I'm getting in as many top-arm hugs as I can in the meantime.

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Marie said...

won't be long before he passes this grandma too!