Friday, August 18, 2017

Summer Break: Week Ten

Ah... at last... breathing room.

Monday marked the (almost) end of a very long project; dropping that stack of boxes off at the Post Office was about the happiest moment I could have wanted.

The remainder of the week held many delights: A day of going to town just for the sake of doing so, Jamba Juice smoothies, the first harvest of Acorn Squash from the garden, the discovery that Clearly Canadian is back on the market! (hello 1990, I've missed you), RAIN (if just for one morning), a quiet afternoon sit on the nearly-finished back deck (stay tuned for a deck renovation post), a Wednesday night free of obligation so that we could return to one of our Summer favorites; Sandy Summer Sounds (live music in the town park). Now THIS is what Summer is all about.

(SIGH) is it really almost over? 


CathieJ said...

That seems like some wonderful summer relaxing.

Penny said...

Hard to believe summer is almost over, but you found a lovely way to spend it!

Paula said...

The picture of your house is just peaceful!

phann son said...

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! I have always thought that your designs are very pretty.


Janice Hebert said...

Your children are adorable! And I love your cloud pictures!