Monday, November 20, 2017

Catching Up *and* a Special Sale Item

You may or may not know that my hard drive had a major crash early in October. I thought for sure that I'd lost several months' worth of data, because I had been so busy I forgot to do my monthly backup... since February.


Never again.

The amazing news is that after five weeks and several hundred dollars paid to the Geek Squad, I have everything back. Everything.

Well, there are a few things that I haven't located yet, but all of the important things are there.

Call me the most THANKFUL person ever right now. I have no doubt that Someone Up Above had a hand in the process. As well as some super Geeky Squad Members.

Anyway... I'm finally getting around to things like updating this blog with Dyeing to Stitch retreat pictures from September, and a bajillion pictures of Autumn in Oregon, and our Disneyland trip!!! Oh, and the last two releases for 2017 will be out tomorrow if I can get all of my errands done in a timely manner. Wednesday if I can't.

And... I've decided to run an amazing sale on what I think is a darn cool kit I made a few years ago.

I absolutely love this kit. The problem is that I released it at the Nashville Market, and having never done a kit before, I made WAY TOO MANY of them! So all of the extras have been sitting in a box, lonely and wishing for a Christmas tree to hang on, or a neck to be proudly worn around. They are now officially marked down 50% off in my etsy shop, and will remain that way until December 15th (at which time my entire shop will be closed until after Christmas). These little cuties would be perfect gifts for your stitching group (finished or unfinished!).

The kits includes everything needed to finish the pendant: silk gauze, cotton backing fabric, threads, wooden pendant frame, and black seam binding. Silk gauze pieces measure 5x5 inches. All you will need in order to finish it is time, patience, a needle and scissors.

If you've never stitched on silk gauze before, this is a great project to test your skills; it is small and very do-able. I had never worked with silk gauze before this project, and loved it SO. MUCH.

Head on over to my Etsy shop now to check it out for yourself!

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Robin in Virginia said...

I am glad you didn't lose all your data. What a lovely necklace you created and a very generous offer. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!