Sunday, February 11, 2018

Early Winter

The new year started as usual with a late Christmas celebration with my side of the family, lovingly dubbed "Newmas". All of my state-side siblings were there with their spouses and kiddos, making for a festive and noisy celebration. We're pretty sure that we're all done with the manufacturing of babies, so it should be coasting from here on out, right?

With only a few rather frosty mornings and one skiff of snow early on, Winter has not seemed like Winter at all this go around. Mild days, not-quite-cold nights. Some days downright warm in our estimation. Rain, but not too much, buds forming early, wildlife getting fat and sassy from the feast at the feeder. A rather unremarkable and disappointingly temperate.

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Barb said...

You see the beauty in so many things. I love your pictures. Your little girl is beautiful and I hope her birthday was wonderful! It must have been with cinnamon rolls for breakfast!Enjoy her everyday, they grow so fast. My little girl will be 48 this year. She is still my sweet girl. I feel blessed.