Friday, February 23, 2018

Learning to Swim

I have two very cautious kids. Kids who each had varying degrees of fear/discomfort/lack of trust when it came to deep water (deep being anything above their waist). Standard group swim lessons were most certainly not for them. So, a few years ago, I enlisted a lovely friend to begin working with them in the water. Faithfully, every Friday afternoon, the three of them played, turning the lesson into fun, with their teacher gently but firmly building up their trust of the water.

We took breaks for Summer and for vacations and for illnesses, but a few years later, the payoff has been well worth the effort. I now have two kids who are super sad that the community pool is going to be closed for a few months for repairs. They absolutely can't wait to get back into the water. And... they miss their wonderful teacher. So do I.

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