Monday, August 03, 2009

New Pattern Release... On the Oregon Trail

I am so excited to introduce to you:

On the Oregon Trail
Stitch Count: 140 by 342
Model stitched on Weeks Dye Works 35 count Linen-colored linen.
Model stitched using mostly Weeks Dye Works flosses, with the addition of a few DMC colors.
Frame by Valley House Primitives
Retail Price: $12

The idea for this sampler has been floating around in my brain for quite some time; it is my tribute to Oregon's 150th year of statehood.

Although the characters in my little story are fictional, each aspect of their story is a historically documented event that occurred during this important part of American history.

Lydia Winters dearly loved to work with needle & thread. At 11 years of age, she was already an accomplished seamstress. Upon learning that her family would be traveling the Oregon Trail, she immediately knew how she wanted make a record of their travels. She had from infancy admired the carefully preserved band sampler which was stitched years ago by her Great-Grandmother, & had always wanted to make one herself. But sampler stitching was no longer in vogue, so the opportunity had not presented itself to her until now… Now she would stitch bands representative of the visions they would surely see on their way.

In addition to the charted sampler, there is a more complete story of the Winters family, including a sheet dedicated to telling the historical context of each band stitched in the sampler.

The pattern is available through my etsy shop (see sidebar for link), or by contacting me directly.

In a fitting finish to this project, I drove the sampler and the kids just 7 miles down the road to the Philip Foster Farm for a quite meaningful photo shoot.

It may be that we were in an air-conditioned SUV rather than a rickety wagon pulled by oxen, but my sampler model and I did travel a portion of the last leg of the Oregon Trail together.


Glenna said...

Absolutely gorgeous, and although I had sworn off new projects, it is now a must-have! Kudos for such a wonderful artistic designing job!

Nancy said...

Beth this is absolutely beautiful, and more than met my expectations! I have been looking forward to seeing this design. What a masterpiece!

Denise said...

wow. super super cool. wow.

Amy said...

This is my all-time fav of yours. GORGEOUS & something I wish I could own! The Oregon Trail & our heritage here is something I hold dear to my heart & this piece is just amazing Beth!

Johnson Family said...

That is beautiful Beth! The Philip Foster Farm for the photo shoot was brilliant, not to mention a fun little outing.

Jeana said...

It's so beautiful! I love the colors. You are such an artist!

Margaret said...

Ack! It's gorgeous! I'm in trouble. lol!

Sherry said...

Another beautiful release Beth! I am already anxious about your next one!

Barbeeque4 said...

What a super piece!!!!

Marie said...

I love this, Beth!! I think it's one of my favorites of the ones you've done.

And here is a bit of trivia for you: YOUR journey actually BEGAN in Oregon City. That is where you were conceived. We moved from there just the month before you were born

KimV said...

Beth! I love your blog... I've been off for awhile... Oregon Trail is stunning!!! Keep up the wonderful work... you're an inspiration!

Petra said...

Absolutely gorgeous sampler! I love your blog. You are a very very talented designer.