Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Thanks to ebay, who for some reason decided to be nice to me for once,
I now own a pair of slightly-used $160 (last season) Doc Martens.

And I only paid $40. Including shipping.

They aren't the boots of my dreams, but they will do nicely.

My first pair of non-work boots. How many seasons behind does that put me?


Missy said...

Great boots!!! You paid a great price for Doc Martins...they will last a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

hey Beth
I think the boots look great and I have seen your dream boots but just look at all the lasing!!!! your boots, zip zip your done!!!
Enjoy your new treasure
Have a good one
Darlene N

April Mechelle said...

Love your boots !!! and a great deal too! Got to love that!

heather said...

Very nice! You will love them! I have several pairs of boots and they are just perfect for Fall and Winter-they go with jeans, skirts, rain and whatever else seems to come my way. ENJOY!