Thursday, October 07, 2010


The days of late have been beautiful... all golden and warm.

But warm without the threat of HOT, which I appreciate greatly.

The leaves have begun to turn and a few have fallen,
but for the most part, the countryside feels like it is poised,
just on the edge of a decision.

Shall I?

Shall I?

Shall I turn NOW?

Part of me says "Yes! Bring the crisp, the cold, and even the wet!"

But most of me wants to hold onto these early Autumn days just a little while longer. I don't want the nights spent at the Firepit to end.

I don't want the roasting of marshmallows to be over for another year.

I would rather the stacks of beautiful firewood wait, if just for a few days longer, so that I can enjoy their graphic appeal before they are burnt up in the woodstove.

1 comment:

April Mechelle said...

I love Autumn Too !!! Love the firepit!