Monday, October 18, 2010

Those Kids of Mine

Kid #1 has been taking lots of pictures lately, on my old digital point and shoot camera.

He had a conversation with his Daddy a few mornings ago that went something like this:

Kid #1: "Is my camera concentrating?"
Daddy: "Huh?"
Kid #1: "Mama always says her camera is concentrating..."
Daddy: (long pause) "Oh... do you mean focusing?"
Kid #1: "Yeah!... Focusing"

Then, later this weekend, as he realized that he could squat down to get closer to his subject, he said, "Hey, Mama! Now I'm like a REAL photographer man!"

That's my boy.

Here are just a few of his weekend photos...


Kathy said...

Fabulous photos!

Anonymous said...

How darling! I love it when kids begin to feel a sense of belonging!

Marie said...

Fun! And I love that first pic of Jack -- very cute!