Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just Some Random Observations

October has amazing sunsets.

I like my house.

Woodstove fires are cozy. We had our first of the season last night.

But I didn't take any photos of the fire because I was too busy doing something else.

I was finishing my Adam & Eve sampler that will be released next month.

Speaking of stitching... Stitchers are thee nicest people. Yesterday I got a package in the mail... along with a mailed payment for a pattern, I received, for no particular reason, this:

The bird ornament! The little squirrel card! Love! Thank you, Debbie, you made my day.

Speaking of days being made... the kids got to make cupcakes with their Auntie and cousins yesterday... it totally made their day.

Cupcakes are yummy.

Babies are yummy too.

No, I don't want another baby. But I'll take another cupcake, please.


Dora said...


Catherine said...

What a beautiful sunset, love your house, can't wait to see all of your A&E, what a lovely gift you were sent, and yummmmmm, cupcakes!!

Siobhan said...

Your house looks so cozy! Yumm on the cupcakes, and of course, the A&E! Love the gift, too!

Laura said...

Oh, I agree with you about October sunsets, Beth. The other day I was on my way to get DD from an afterschool event and saw the most incredible sunset. I pulled over for a few moments to enjoy it!