Friday, July 29, 2011

Nuttin', Honey

After finishing crunch-time, getting my Harvest and Christmas samplers ready to ship off for Market, I have found myself quite at a loss for blog content.

Not that I've just been sitting around catching my breathe. There has been lots of the usual... laundry and food prep, and cleaning dishes, and cleaning kids, and supervising kids, and supervising dogs, and feeding dogs, and grocery shopping, and school supply shopping, and picking raspberries, and even a day spent visiting my Mama and Grandma.

My Dearest has been working very, very long hours, coming home late and wiped out, only to have to get right back at it on the weekends, cutting firewood for our house and his Parents' house. I think I'm feeling his tiredness and translating it into my own life. We need a vacation! A really, really long one... perhaps a month?

Since I have no recent pictures for you (I know... how can that be? Beth almost always has a camera attached to her finger), I'll show you a sweet little vintage pincushion that I added to my collection not too long ago...

I'd like to give Crewel Work a try sometime.

And have you ever seen Jelly Jars like these?

I found them at my local Goodwill for .39 cents each. I really love the folky and naive raised Angel and Crown motif, and was super curious about them. So, even though I don't collect old glass, I brought them home anyway and did some research.

It turns out that they were made by Kerr, and the Angel and Crown are the Kerr Family crest. I haven't been able to pinpoint how old they are. Anybody know?

And that is all I have for you this Friday. Over and out.


Melissa said...

That crewel pincushion is really cute. I'm sure you'll do a great job if you tried it.

Those little jars are so cute. I don't know anything about them. We don't have things like here as I would snap those up too!

Looks like we may have a sunny weekend. Hope the sun shines on you down the coast!

Lorraine B (ME) said...

Hi Beth! Love the pincushion. The jelly jars must be old as they look like the type that needed hot wax poured to keep a seal. I may be wrong but I think they had a metal lid that sort of snapped on after pouring the wax on. Tom just looked at them and says that he remembers those and said the same thing! Maybe I am right, LOL. I really like those little jars!!!

Catherine said...

You've certainly been busy!! Love that pincushion and jars!!

Chris said...

I wonder if you made cookies and used the bottom of the jelly jars to press the cookies how they would come out?

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

What a lovely pincushion. I collect pincushions, too! Love the jelly jars and have never seen any like them. That's wonderful you got them for such a good deal.