Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paying the Beavers a Visit

This past weekend, the four of us went on an adventure together to see what the Beavers have been up to.

Its a bit of a hike for short legs, with a nice, steep road to trot down.

The only creatures we saw along the way were some centipedes and spit bugs. The spit bugs created quite a stir amongst the youngsters. And not a nice, friendly kind of stir, but rather an almost-hysterical-gettitoffofme! kind of stir.

There are always ample opportunities for my lens, when out in our bit of the forest.

Like this crest of Foxgloves, my favorite native wildflower...



Blackberry flower buds...

Down along the edge of the Beaver Pond, there is a nice sitting log.

It is really very hard to describe the complete transformation that has taken place.

What used to be a small-ish creek bed is now such a widespread waterland that it is hard to see the opposite shore.

I have never been to a Southern swamp, but this is how I imagine it to look.

Moss dripping from the trees, the air full of birdsong and bugs and humidity.

About the only thing we don't have, other than crocodiles, is heat (gotta love Oregon!)

The top edge of the dam stretches off into the distance.

The huge amount of sticks and logs that those buckteeth have chewed is staggering...

determined, industrious, busy creatures.


marly said...

It always amazes me what these furry engineers can accomplish. I never saw salmon berries and don't know if they are edible, but they sure are pretty to look at.

Mouse said...

oooo that's the second walk I've had today ... coooo what a lot of work they do in the "swamp" ... love the salmon berries ... and the foxgloves too .. I seem to recall that they are poisonous ??? love mouse xxxx