Tuesday, January 03, 2012


This Christmas gift came to me all the way from Maine.
It was dug out from the bottom of a basket full of letter balls found at an antique store.
Another T for my collection.
But we are all stumped, including the lovely that spent time digging until she found a T!
Does anyone out there have an idea what its original purpose might have been?

UPDATE: I think we may have our answer. My first hunch, based on the weight and feel and the chips on one side, was that it was some sort of a game or lottery ball. Then Debbie left a comment telling us that she is sure that it is a "Carpet Bowl". I have done some searching online, and have yet to find a carpet bowl with letters on it, but everything else about it seems to fit the description. So, for now, I am the proud owner of a "Letter T Carpet Bowl". If anyone else finds more information, please let me know!

UPDATE UPDATE: Well, now it is growing clear... my beloved "Letter T Carpet Bowl" appears to be a reproduction, possibly made by Ballard Designs, Pottery Barn, or Coldwater Creek. All three had sets for sale a few years ago. They look fabulous all gathered together. But I think I'll keep mine just the way it is. Regardless of whether mine is original or a copy, I love having it as part of my mantle arrangement.


joann renee said...

Salt shaker?
Pool ball?

Marie said...

the hole in it, indicates it must have been attached to the top of something.

Aryn might be right? Or maybe it was made for the top of a car's radio antenna.

How heavy is it? And does the hole have threads for screwing it onto something?

Now I'm curious too!!

Debbie said...

OK Beth, this is called a carpet bowl. It was used to play a game inside on carpets in the 1900's. Something like botche ball or bowling. Today the antique ones can run up to 3000.00 a piece. They were listed as one of the top ten collectables in 2012. So, when you are out antiquing, or Goodwilling and you see one, snatch it up. Pier 1, Hobby Lobby, and Pottery Barn have made repo's. These are usually piled into a bowl for decoration. I have some that have flowers on them and I bring them out in the Spring.

Debbir said...

Oops! The Antique carpet bowls sell between 200.00 and 300.00 apiece. Sorry imiss quoted the price. Found the article in Thom's garbage can! Will send it to you! As Ever, Debbie

Peggy Lee said...

Love it!

I have learned something today.