Friday, January 13, 2012

Macaroni Sunset

It was another one of those days. With a belly still sensitive to real food, and a little girl who felt the same, we decided together that a bowl of plain pasta sounded do-able for our supper.

Twelve minutes later, as I glanced up from dishing our pathetic meal, I saw that it was all going to be better soon.

For that was when God prompted me to notice my pasta steamed windows, just as the sun was going down.
Truly, I remembered, in all circumstances, there can be found beauty.

Me and my girl, enduring together, then enjoying together.
What beauty have you seen lately, in the midst of no-good, pathetic, unfair-ness?


Marie said...

Mmmmm! Nice! I love the pictures and the positive tone to your post! And I love you!!

Paula said...

Beth, What a lovely post! Like you I love when my pasta pot steams up my windows over my sink! I thought I was the only one to notice such things. We had a very light dusting of snow last night. First thing I looked at this morning was my holly tree with red berries. Love looking at that especially in snow. I try to find good in every single day. Nature is the source of many of those "goods." My family likes to make fun of me for noticing sunsets, squirrels, nests, etc....
But that's okay. :)

P.S. Has your daughter had her birthday yet?

Julie said...

Beth, you have such a lovely set up - your home and homelife. I truly admire you. I do hope you and your little girl will mend very soon, as I know you both will. And as for pasta, that meal never is dull. My little guy (4 yrs) and I love pasta with a dash of salt and some butter. Sit on the couch and cozy up to a movie together. It's always perfect togetherness. And not such a terrible clean up either :-)

Peggy Lee said...

A lovely post.
Pasta is my comfort food as well.
My moment today was looking out of my kitchen window on this cold snowy day to see hundreds of birds in my yard. They fly together with such grace.

Stay warm and feel better!

Joy said...

Blessings matter what.