Friday, January 06, 2012

Frog Forest

Normally taken out of storage only once a year, to help display Christmas cards, I found myself reluctant to pack my flower frogs away last week.
I played with them for much longer than I care to admit, stacking them, arranging this way, then that way.

Putting them here, then there.
Creating a mini forest of rusty, crooked, sharp, and chipped pieces of metal.

Taking a billion pictures of the mini forest, looking over my shoulder every so often to make sure no one had noticed yet just how I was wasting my time.
I ended up with the fabulous idea of leaving the arrangement out, just so, on a bread board, on a coffee bag, on the trunk which had previously held our Christmas tree.
A brilliant idea, indeed! Leaving them out where I could arrange and re-arrange them every so often, when in need of serious therapy.
And what was the first thing out of my Farmboy's mouth when he saw my brilliant arrangement?

"That looks DANGEROUS!"


So right.

What on earth was I thinking?
My frog forest now lives about four feet higher. I refuse to pack it away, and if anyone impales themselves on a spike, its their own fault for climbing on top of the piano.


Mouse said...

ohhh Beth that made me laugh and I don't think many peeps will sit on top of the piano unless its a grand ???? love mouse xxxx

ferne said...

That was very funny! This is my first visit to your blog and now I must read more to see if you are always so funny...

Catherine said...

I really haven't found frogs like that - but love your display and will have to try and find some for myself!

Debbie said...

Beth, this is hysterical!!!! I never understood how people with toddler size and small children could have glass coffee tables. Deb

Joy said...

How fun! Love the
You have just given me an idea. I display my frogs on my screened in porch, but now on a tray for all to make their own arrangement...aren't you clever!

Heather said...

Those are adorable!

HomeSpunPrims said...

What a neat collection. I would leave them out too. Cute story about where you put them. Happy new year! Lori

Amy said...

literally laughed out loud. thanks beth!