Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We got a little snow over the weekend.
And then we got a whole lot more last night.
(Someone, please tell me I'm not the only one with a dead Christmas tree still laying on the back deck?)

Grand total of about 8 inches right now and still blizzarding.
Its pretty out there.
And wild.
The Littles thought that making tracks in the four inches we had yesterday was fun.
Just wait until they get a chance to go out and play later today.
The school district is only on a 2 hour delay, but we are quite a bit higher in elevation than most of the district, and there is no way we are braving those roads for a measly 3 hour day of learning the alphabet. This kid can already read like a ten year old. Don't you think he deserves a snow day?

Oh, and did I mention... newborn puppies are trying to stay warm out in the kennel right now. Born throughout Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning.
Lucie was definitely an overachiever and gave birth to 13. A few of them were very small and weak. We are now down to 10 puppies (ten is still a big litter!), and making hourly trips to make sure everyone is cozy and dry.
It is hard work, and possibly more exhausting emotionally than physically. Those little pups are so weak and defenseless. Its hard to not feel like we should be out there guarding them like Mother hens every second. But with kids and jobs and chores, it just isn't feasable to drop everything. So we trek, back and forth, day and night, wishing the days away until they are older and stronger.


rachel whetzel said...

Precious. Just precious. LOVE your snow!! Ours melted off for the most part yesterday, but there were spots on the roads where it just got really slushy, and then froze last night. So we had a 2 hour delay also... We opted to stay home today too. :)

LaDonna said...

Wonderful pictures and the puppies are adorable. I may have to get on your list :) As far as the Christmas tree on the back porch. I just took all of our decorations down today and just sat down to go thru my favorite blogs. I have never waited this long before so don't feel bad enjoy the snow!

MommyMadMess said...

We just had our Christmas tree taken away.
Not so much snow here in Southern Oregon... Wish we would get more so our little one could play.
The Pups are so cute! Hope they're doing well in this chilly weather

LoriU said...

We got a lot of snow this past weekend but it rained last night so now its almost all gone!

AWWWW..Puppies!!! I SO wish we lived closer ... I would love one of your puppies!!

Marie said...

No snow here. we've watched it fall a few times, but absolutely no accumulation on the ground. :^(
I'm glad you and the kids get to enjoy it though.
and puppies!! I was thinking it was about time for them to arrive. Fun!

Debbie said...

Hi Beth, some snow here, cold and gloomy now. Stew in the crock pot, and three dogs all nestled around me in bed. Nap time! The puppies are delicious, what are the colors? We will be breeding Winnie this Spring, so I too will be a puppy Mom! 24/7 for us, bulldog Moms are not the best!
Katie gets more beautiful each day, BLISS!!! Love, Debbie

marly said...

Snow is beautiful as long as it's across the country from me. ((sigh)) Puppies.

Cathy B said...

I think you must have some of our Minnesota snow - we've got next to nothing! Those puppies are so darn cute!

Kaisievic said...

Oh, the snow is so pretty. I am envious - it has been hot here these last few days. Love the puppies, too, good luck with them.

Hugs, kaye xoxox

Mouse said...

snow days are fun and very sensible to keep at home and awwwwww to the new babies hope that they all continue to thrive under the conditions of bbbrrr out there ... mind you think the heat lamp is a real winner ..lol :) love mouse xxxx