Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Such a great word... drippy.
Describes the weather... my nose... and the eyes of a few Kindergarten Mothers this morning, as our kids moved up to the next grade.
On the count of three, they all took bites from "magic" Twinkies, and instantly turned from Kindergarteners into First Graders.

The Little Sister was jealous that she didn't get a special treat too, so I made up for it when we got home. She and I, on the count of three, took bites from Zingers, then magically turned from SisterofaKindergartener and MotherofaSisterofaKindergartener into SisterofaFirstGrader and MotherofaSisterofaFirstGrader. Whew... you really have to keep your brain on its toes when you have kids. Its no wonder I'm more forgetful than I've ever been in my life... I've never before had to use up so much of my think tank on improvisation and spontaneous question answering.


Jen said...

I'm sitting here eating my pretend twinkie and just magically turned into AuntieMamaofaSisterofaFirstGrader. I'm so proud of you, young man. Can't wait to hug your neck and tell you in person! Happy Graduation celebrating! :)

Penny said...

What a big day for all the kindergarteners-who-have-magically-turned-into-first-graders! How fun!!
Glad you were quick on your feet with your response to the little one.... we moms must always try to keep everyone happy!

Peggy Lee said...

Awww...you're such a good momma!