Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Its another bone-saturating-drizzly Oregon day. The forecasters say that we'll have warm sun on the first day of Summer, and the day after that, but then... again... more rain.

Some days I don't mind. I just set my nose to the grindstone and clean house or work on a project with no sunny outdoors to tempt me away. It is the rain, after all, that makes our landscape so green and lush the majority of the year.
But I was really hoping for sunshine today of all days. We are starting a Summer schedule of weekly playdates for some in the Kindergartener's First Grader's class, and the first playdate is this morning. I hope my walls can contain the enthusiasm!
I needed a dose of happy sun on my computer desktop this morning, so I made the above wallpaper, and thought I'd share it with you. I never know if you all like the wallpapers or if you could care less, so please chime in and let me know if you enjoy them... I so look forward to reading your comments on my posts!

As usual, left-click to enlarge the wallpaper, then right-click to save to your computer. For your personal use, only please.


Anonymous said...

Although I won't use it as a wallpaper (my husband has a picture of his home town in Maine as wallpaper), I love the pictures regardless. The flowers are so beautiful and delicate.

Wish I could send you some sun. Here in Oz Land, it's clear, sunny, very windy and already 92!!

Jessica Hunt said...

This is officially my new background :)
I read your blog almost everyday and since I just recently moved from Oregon to Seattle, WA. Im hearing you on this rain! I too just wanted a sunny day today, maybe that its selfish to want to go out on the porch and drink a cup of ice tea but so be it.
I suppose you're right though, my house needs to be cleaned and my chores need to be done, and the sun would pull me out onto the porch and procrastination and laziness would set in.

Plain Jane said...

I love the wallpaper. I may put it on my computer at work. As for the rain, I would kill for some right now. It's already 98 degrees here and sometimes the sun can just be oppressive, especially when it burns up everything in sight during August. Wishing you some Texas sun!

Heather said...

Love the wallpapers. I hope you get a bit of calm today after all the fun. Mine are in and out all day in between showers. It's a good day for cleaning house and painting rooms.

Mouse said...

ooooo good luck with the play dates :)

gorgeous flowers as always and yes I do use them as my back grounds :)
love mouse xxxx

Marie in TX said...

I love your photography and am using it as my wallpaper. Thanks.