Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Buzz Cut

Until last Summer, we had a tradition of buzz cuts for the kiddo when the warm weather came. He decided in all of his 5 year old wisdom that he was too old, and would be too embarrassed to have his hair that short, and wanted it cut like Daddy's instead.
 So I begrudgingly complied.
Well, this past school year, he had a good friend in class who wore his hair buzzed all year long. It wasn't too hard to convince him to let me shear his head this time around.

Especially knowing that his Luigi would be keeping an eye on me, making sure I didn't mess up and make him bald on accident.
 Allergic to haircuts, just like his Daddy (and various other seasonal substances it would seem).
 "That was funny, Mama! Now you can put a picture of me sneezing on your blog!"
 MWAH! Love that cute not-so-little noggin!
Now if only we could get some teeth back in that mouth...


Penny said...

Great haircut.... Boy do I wish I could do that to my hair right about now!! Here on the east coast we've been having a bit of a heat wave... And, oh, the humidity.... Lots of bad hair days here.....

He is a cutie... hope those teeth come in soon so he can bite into a nice, fresh ear of corn this summer!! Enjoy!

gracie said...

Too too cute!

Mouse said...

awwww bless :) at least he doesn't have to suffer basin cuts
and he should have his new teeth in time for christmas
love mouse xxxx