Monday, July 23, 2012

The Pace of Summer

I'm having a hard time reconciling my view of what Summer ought to be (lazy, relaxed, luxurious), and what in reality is taking place.
I see the snails creeping about in the morning, and sleeping all through the day.
The berries invest every particle of energy into slow ripening, taking their time to develop as bud, flower, fruit.
The trees in the orchard slowly produce and swell, promising to give ripe gifts... eventually.
The rust, lichen, thorns, even the sweep of the sun across the sky feels slow and heady with sleep.
But the turn of the calendar is much too swift, and I see the store shelves stocked with pencils and pee-chees and Back to School!!! glows in bright signage.
S l o w  d o w n, world. Don't rush these Summer days of mine. I'm not ready yet to think about letting my boy go. We have too much yet to accomplish... freckles to grow, frisbees to throw, clouds to gaze, marshmallows to toast, woods to explore, feet to bare, adventure to hoard.

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Heather said...

Summer has in fact gone by way to quickly. I think I would like July back again.