Monday, July 02, 2012

Pumpkin Pie?

We have a fun little tradition in our family of celebrating Half Birthdays. Both of my kids have their real Birthdays so close to Christmas that for them, it can seem like forever before the next one comes around. Having a Half Birthday in the Summer time helps a little.
We don't have a party or give them gifts; instead, I make for them the dessert of their choice.
You already know by the title of this post what the 6 1/2 year old wanted.
He is truly a boy after my own heart. We love us some pumpkin pie. And this time I made it with a Graham Cracker crust... yum!
It came out a bit pathetic looking, since I relied on frozen puree from last years' pumpkins, and the puree was a bit on the watery and pale side.
But the taste was pure perfection.

More, please?


Anonymous said...

May I come to your home for desert?

Heather said...

As long as it was good that is all that matters.

We do half birthday's too.

Cathy B said...

What a nice tradition!