Thursday, July 26, 2012


I'm up to my elbows every other day in raspberries and blueberries... just enough to make me sigh and grin and shake my head and set to it all over again. Pick, pick, pick, wash, smash, stir, bubble, pour, freeze. Repeat.

And last night, look what I spotted in my garden by the hundreds...
Every year I think my garden is going to be the death of me. And every year I do it again. Because the home-grown food throughout the winter is worth it... Remind me of that truth at least once a week until the Summer is over, okay?


gracie said... squash. Do you stuff the flowers?

Melissa said...

I spy a zucchini! I actually have two plants that are in full production mode.

Perhaps you can help me with a question I have. OK so I've never planted Zucchini before, and usually I can find all the help I need on the internet BUT this time I can't. The fruits look be growing great but the base of the fruit is gigantic (fat) and the top where the flower was is skinny and almost shrively. Is this normal?????