Friday, December 21, 2012

Just in Case... (Apocalypse Sale!)

Just in case the world does indeed end today, I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you how much I like you.
Its because of you that my inner artist was discovered and allowed to flourish through photos, words, stitches.
I'm sure that one way or the other I would still be taking pictures, writing, and stitching, but certainly not on the same level and with such a kind group of recipients.
Feel like taking a risk today? Think the world will still be here tomorrow?
Enter the coupon code MAYANAPOCALYPSE when you checkout in my etsy shop and you'll get 21% off of your order. Today only! Because, you know, we might all be gone tomorrow...


nathaliepoppy said...

Hi !!!
I love your post !!
I was born on December 21st !!! After an apocalyptic week, I am still here !!!lol !!!
Happy Christmas to you and your family !!!

nathaliepoppy said...

there is a problem with your ETSY link ...
is it a sign ??? lol ??????????