Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Down in our canyon... the Beaver Family has been busy.

Just a few months ago, the view from above our bridge looked a bit like this:
It now looks like this:
Talk about a Front Row Seat! To be able to meander down our road and see nature at work right before our very eyes is pretty cool.

We are being much more watchful of this new development than usual though, because they are building such a system of new dams that there is potential for our road to get flooded. As our only connection with the other half of our property, we're not thrilled with the idea.

The Farmboy already has a plan of action figured out in case he has to do a bit of de-construction.
There's also a new dam built just below the bridge and around the corner... where we used to have a gravel bar perfect for rock-skipping...
 we now have rising water.
Our fascination with these incredible Beavers is growing. We hope we don't have to tamper with their industriousness, because we want to remain Good Neighbors.

In honor of our farm mascot, I picked out a special ornament for the kids' 2012 Christmas tree...
Can you even believe how perfectly adorable they are?

The etsy artist who made them was so easy to work with and quick to get them finished. She even offered to add the thread loops for hanging when I told her they were to be ornaments. Go check her shop out, and if you can't resist one of her offerings, tell her I sent you!


Vickie said...

Oh those ornaments are perfect!

Amy Bateman said...

I enjoyed your photos. I'm the person that asked Dani to create her felted beaver, so it's fun to see someone else love it as much as I do. What a great idea to use them as ornaments!

Roberta said...

Great photos of your creek and the beaver dam. We had this experience when we lived in Minnesota. Found it fascinating, luckily we didn't have to worry about the damming of water.

The felted beavers are just too darling - love them.

Merry Christmas

Lizzy Pizzy said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pics of your new dams. It's just amazing to be able to experience the progress of your industrious beaver family... especially without the fear of potential flooding of roads near my own home pending LOL.
Does anyone know how they make their plans of where to build? Do you think they have purposed to flood your roadway?
Those little felt guys are surely toooo cute, thanks for the link
Liz x