Thursday, December 13, 2012

PDF Patterns

Did you know that a portion of my designs are available as PDF downloadable patterns? Well they are.

I have not, nor do I ever intend to give permission to any other seller to offer my designs in this format, so be aware that if you see them out there in cyberspace, being sold by anyone other than me, that they are pirated copies (and please let me know!).

I just decided to add two designs to my list of available PDFs...

I Sew'd My Heart, which many of you received as a free chart when you sent me a photo for my Around the World collection. Now available for purchase in my etsy shop or by contacting me directly (and still available for free if you want to play along and follow the rules as seen here).

And Partrige, Pare, & Turteldove, an early Christmas design of mine that I originally made available for a just short time. I still get requests for it from time to time, so I've permanently added it to the list.

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