Friday, March 01, 2013

Leave it to Beavers

Its been awhile since I let you see our Beaver Family's activity down in the creek bottom. Well, they're still busily at work, maintaining their structures. Our rock-skipping beach is now completely drowned.
They seem to be happy with the size of the dam just above the bridge, since they haven't made it any taller for the last month or so. The little waterfall on the right side of the next photo is where the creek has re-routed to flow under a big old-growth log that has been on the ground for at least 50 years.
The nice slope of the dam is now more vertical, having held back some high waters, but in the meantime having been pushed to its stretching point.
During those high waters, we were happy to see that the beavers were clever enough in their dam placement that our road only had a little bit of surface water running over it, and no damage whatsoever to the bridge.
Just enough surface water to splash around in.
And up on the road that heads uphill from the bridge, we discovered this perfectly symmetrical hole leading down toward the water's edge. We think they were digging up to create a new burrow and didn't anticipate our road cutting into the hillside.
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A couple of rough video clips for you... can't for the life of me get the sound to play, but thought you might like to see them anyway.

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